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White Scarf Pirates
Japanese Name: 白いスカーフ海賊
Romanized Name: Shiroi Sukāfu Kaizoku
English Name: White Scarf Pirates
Main Ship: The Unicorn
First Appearance: Sail On!: Prologue
Captain: Eustass D. Sid
Total Bounty: At least Bsymbol10100,000,000

The White Scarf Pirates are a pirate crew operating in East Blue, led by their captain Eustass D. Sid. This crew is small in size but the individual strength of the members is such that together they are a force to be reckoned with.

Jolly RogerEdit

The crew's Jolly Roger is a depiction of a traditional skull with a scarf around its head, but without the cross-bone behind the skull. The jolly roger is displayed on their flag as well as the various sails of their ship, the Unicorn.

Crew MembersEdit

Due to Sid's tendency to forge friendships with the most bizarre and strangest of people, the White Scarf Pirates boast of one of the most strange and diverse pirate crews in the world. Their ranks have members not only from both genders but the species and ages of its members are just as diverse.

The weirdness of the crew can be seen from the fact that the crew members include a shy young woman who turns into a demonic creature and acts as the chef, a lively, perverted drunkard who acts as the musician, a cyborg who acts as the shipwright and even a young man who is actually one of the World Noble run away from home in search of an adventure.

White Scarf Pirates
Sid Square Aisa Square Ayane Square Jon Square Lisa Square
Eustass D. Sid Aisa Himegami Ayane Jon Snow Lisa Stone
Asura Mira mug Yuk1 Nanashi pro Mira
Asura Mira Stone William Newgate Nanashi Jill Valentine
Buzz Mugshot Lucky  ?????  ?????  ?????
Buzz Lucky Keaton  ?????  ?????  ?????

The TattooEdit

White Scarf Tattoo

All members of the White Scarf Pirates sport a distinctive wing like tattoo on their bodies, ranging from Sid's right shoulder to Ayane's hand. This tattoo was originally only sported by Ayane, who used it to cover up the one that was put on her by the World Nobles to mark her as a slave. To show to her that her being a former did not matter to him one bit Sid got the same tattoo as her so that if anyone thought of her tattoo as a mark of being a slave then they would think the same of him. Unsurprisingly all the remaining White Scarfs at the time followed suit and got the same tattoo. This tattoo has now become a symbol of their unity and companionship, and members such as Asura and Nanashi, who joined well after the original incident, have gotten the same tattoo.

Crew StrengthEdit

Despite the relative small size of their crew, the White Scarf Pirates are a very powerful crew. Their captain, having been trained by a marine Admiral since a young age, is an exceedingly powerful fighter with monstrous strength and tremendous tenacity. Their first mate, Aisa, is almost a match for Sid and only joined the crew after being defeated by him and acknowledging his power.

Monster trio

Sid, Jon, and Aisa team up.

As far as individual ability is concerned, Sid, Jon, and Aisa are on almost a similar level and along with Nanashi and Stein, are the strongest fighters in the crew. The first three in particular are considered to be the three heavyweights of the crew, with Sid, Jon, and Aisa having once teamed up to take out a Marine Pacifista.

The crew boasts of number of Devil Fruit users, with four members being Paramecia users, Stein a Logia and one member even having consumed a Mythical Zoan. Their diverse combat styles and unique skills make the White Scarfs one of the most well balanced fighting units in the world. Besides the Devil Fruit users, they have within their ranks a master swordsman, a Fishman Karate master, a highly skilled practitioner of Ichi Kenpo, a master sniper and even a boxer.

Professions and CapabilitiesEdit





Eustass D. Sid

  • "White Scarf Sid" (白いスカーフの指導, Shiroi Sukāfu no Shidō?)

Aisa Himegami

  • Master Swordsman
  • Superhuman Strength
  • "Crimson Princess" (紅姫, Benihime?)

Lisa Stone

  • High Culinary Expertise
  • Genius Intellect
  • "Demon" (鬼, Oni?)

William Newgate

  • "" (, '?)

Jon Snow

  • "" (, '?)

Mira Stone

  • Advanced Medical Skills
  • "" (, '?)


  • "" (, '?)


  • "" (, '?)


  • "" (, '?)


  • "" (, '?)


Sid poster
White Scarf Sid

As the captain of the crew, Sid has been recognized by the World Government as the most dangerous member of the White Scarfs. Due to relative inexperience and being a rookie pirate, he was not really in the World Government's sights, though they did know of him due to his relationship with Aokiji. However, as he has committed one outrageous action after another and as the strength of his crew has increased, the World Government's opinion of him has changed.

  • First bounty: Bsymbol15,000,000 for "destroying" the Keaton's Travelling Circus and defeating three hundred Marine soldiers along with Jon.
  • Second bounty: Bsymbol100,000,000 To be revealed.
Jon Poster
Jon Snow

Considered by the World Government to be a very great threat, mostly due to the various opponents he has defeated and his reputation as on the the strongest fighters within the White Scarfs, he has been given bounties that reflects his being almost as big of a threat as Sid.

  • First bounty: Bsymbol10,000,000 for helping Sid destroy the Keaton's Travelling Circus and defeating three hundred Marine soldiers.
  • Second bounty: Bsymbol80,000,000 To be revealed.
Aisa Poster
Crimson Princess Aisa

She has been recognized as one of the top fighters within the White Scarfs and as such the World Government considers to be a great threat. For her involvement in the "kidnapping" of the World Noble Saint Gerrard and his subsequent murder, as well as her defeat of Null Squad agent Aria Black Aisa was recognized as a threat by the World Government and is given a bounty of Bsymbol73,000,000. Unlike most of the other members of the White Scarf Pirates were excited at getting their first bounties, Aisa was not particularly pleased as she did not see herself as a criminal and only when she formally joined the White Scarfs did she begin taking some pride in her bounty.

Mira poster


Ayane Poster



Relationships Amongst the CrewEdit


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