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<p> the white shark pirates are a crew of fishman have 700 crewmates and are ruthless fishman who still money from villagers in the grand line and every single crew member has a bounty over a 100,000,000


the main crewmembers are: captain: the Great white shark Kishark is the captain of the crew he is taller and bigger than anyone else in the crew and wants to obtain the one piece because he believes if he becomes the pirate king he can do whatever he wants his bounty is 530,000,000 sniper: Martiny is a sword fishman he is the best sniper in the crew because he never misses his target his bounty is 200,000,000 shipwright: Kylo is a hammer head fishman and the top shipwright in the crew he uses his hammer head to hammer the nails he doesnt like killing but likes violence his bounty is 135,000,000 navigator: Sammy is a shark fishman and the only navigator onboard he dislikes human and shows them no mercy he is also Kisharks right hand man his bounty is 300,000,000.


the white shark pirates left fish man island 10 years after the begining of the pirate era to obtain the one piece and steal money from villages and become the strongest crew in the world



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