This page was created by: Cade D. Newgate


The Whitebeard Pirates II were originally Tornado Pirates but switched when Cade D. Newgate decided to treasure his family's name after Marineford.


Captain: Cade D. Newgate Weapon: Wind Wind No Mi | Tremble Tremble No Mi First Mate: Bellamy Weapon: Spring Spring No Mi | Boxing Gloves Cannonman: Inura Weapon: Shotgun | Two Flintlocks | Dog Dog No Mi Model: Army Wolf Cannonman: Rinie Weapon: Bomb Cannonman: Gambler Weapon: Bomb Playing Cards Navigator: Kuru Weapon: Human Human No Mi Model: Giant Navigator: Jimmy Weapon: None Shipwright: Ranzo Weapon: Rug Rug No Mi Chef: Jazz Weapon: Knife Chef: Kirimei Weapon: Knife Cook: Nina Weapon: Cutlass Doctor: Doroni Weapon: Energy Pills Pet: Midoda Weapon: None Pet: Akada Weapon: None Cabin Boy: Kenichi Yorzo Weapon: Cutlass Other members: Whitebeard Pirates | Tornado Pirates | Deep-Sea Pirates | Hankerchief Cat Pirates | Kobe Pirates



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