Wolfgang Schubert Color

Wolfgang Schubert

Wolfgang Schubert is a professor at the Peadobby Institute of Music on Daigakun Island. He is Orpheus Marauder's mentor.


Wolfgang is average in height and weight. His natural hair is black, but he usually wears a white powdered wig over it. He wears thin glasses and is shaved. He wears a high-collar white shirt, with a crimson ascot tie around his neck. Over his shirt he wears a navy blue tuxedo coat, and a crimson cumber bun around his waist. He wears navy blue pants and navy blue shoes. He keeps a rapier hanging on his left waist.


Wolfgang is a serious person. He lives and breathes music. He has been considered a master and genius since his youth, so he can be a little pompous and over confident. Though classical, specifically baroque, is his favorite style, he can write and perform any style of music.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Wolfgang is a master of music. He knows how to play every instrument, or can very quickly learn one within minutes. His main instruments are voice (bass/baritone), viola, french horn, and harpsichord. Though he is not much of a fighter, he is trained in fencing. He has an odd fighting style that requires music to be blayed in the background or have him listen to it, so he can move to its rhythm. He is also very well acquainted with languages.


Peadobby InstituteEdit

Wolfgang started his career as a simple travelling musician. He was offered a position in the Water 7 orchestra and performed with the group for a few years before getting an offer as a music professor at the Peadobby Institute of Music on Daigakun Island. He took the job and began teaching. He soon became known as the best music teacher the school has ever seen. A few years had passed and a new student named Orpheus Marauder arrived at the school. Never hearing such a young student play as well as he had, Wolfgang had taken a great interest in Orpheus when he first heard him play the piano. He took him under his own personal tutelage and began to teach him everything he know about music.

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