X is a 26 year old bounty hunter. His real name is not X but he does not know his real name so just uses X like when you do when you don't know a number in maths. He is not an amazingly strong bounty hunter- if he was a pirate and his bounty was just based on his strength then his bounty would be 45,000,000 berries.


Age: Pre-Time skip age- 24

and Post-Time skip age - 26

Gender: Male
Species: Human
Blood type: A
Birthdate: 31st May
Height: 5 foot 10 inches
Island of Origin: Doesn't know
Occupation: Bounty Hunter

Epithet: Dead Eye

Crew: None
Position: Bounty Hunter
Family: None
Current Bounty: None
Dream: To find out about his past
Page created by: Windninja47


X is quite muscular and wears no top and white swimming trunks. He has short black hair and black sunglasses. He never smiles.


X is very serious, rarely talking apart from when he needs to. He is troubled by the fact that he can't remember his past.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Hand to Hand CombatEdit

X is a very skilled kickboxer.

Physical StrengthEdit

X is very strong. In a pinch he could throw a small building.


X also has the agility of a gymnast and has lightning-fast reflexes.


He can take a lot of pain.


X uses no weapon, prefering to fight with his hands.

Devil FruitEdit

type : Paramecia

name Supairaru Supairaru no Mi

Spiral Spiral fruit, allows the user to make anything spiral and can hypnotise opponents.


Three years ago X woke up in the middle of the forest not remembering a thing. Not even his own name. He found the nearest town and realised that he was hungry but had no money. He then saw a wanted poster and went to find the man on it to capture him and get money. They fought and during the fight X found out that not only was he a good fighter but he also had a devil fruit ability. He beat the man and turned him in, getting enough money for a few meals. After a few days he decided to keep moving- island hopping in the hopes that one might have the key to his past. During this time he would bounty hunt to pay for all his bills but made sure never to kill anyone.

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