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Yamai Yamai no Mi

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Japanese Name: やまいやまいの実
English Name: Disease Disease Fruit
Meaning: Disease
Type: Paramecia
Power: Create Diseases
Eaten By:

Black Death

Story / Creator: MugiwaraBaka copyFoolishMortalFOOL


Yamai Yamai no Mi (lit. Disease-Disease Fruit) is a Paramecia-class Devil Fruit that allows the user to create any disease and infect any person he touches. It was eaten by Black Death.

Appearance Edit

The Yamai Yamai no Mi looks like a giant white acai berry with dark red swirls.

Usage Edit

Black Death would use this devil fruit ability to absorb and create a variety of disease-causing viruses and bacteria to infect his enemies in order to weaken them during battle or to cause them to die eventually. He could create rats made out of the viruses and bacteria and control them to move anywhere he wants them to.

Strengths Edit

Black Death can not succumb to any symptoms of any diseases that are caused from bacteria and viruses despite making them from his body.

Weaknesses Edit

The user suffers from the standard Devil Fruit weaknesses. His main weakness is fire since his viruses and bacteria can burn easily.


  • Black Rat
  • Black Swarm
  • Black Swamp
  • Black Ebola Rat
  • Black Blots
  • Black Saw Rust
  • Black Slash
  • Black Hades
  • Black Death

Trivia Edit

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