Yellow Jacket was the leader of the Yellow Bandits, a group of renegades living on Apueblo Island. He fights Jack Gamble after Jack and his crew ally with the Apueblo Tribe.


Yellow Jacket is tall and rather large, with a yellow and black striped shirt and black pants.

Abilities and PowersEdit

YJ primarily uses his Devil Fruit power, the Hachi Hachi no Mi when fighting.


Once the Swashbuckling Pirates arrive at Apueblo Village, Yellow Jacket sends several of his bandits to attack the village. After Jack and the Chief defeat them, Yellow Jacket finds out and is enraged. That night, Jack and Swamp Fox attack his camp. Yellow Jacket reveals his Hachi Hachi powers to Jack, but is defeated by the Swashbuckling Captain.

Major BattlesEdit

Yellow Jacket vs. Jack

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