This article of, Yokaze Ryu, is the Treasure belonging to the The Perverted God-King.

Yokaze Ryū
Yokaze Ryu
Japanese Name: 夜風龍
Romanized Name: Yokaze Ryū
English Name: Yokaze Ryū
Debut: Chapter 1
Affiliations: Antithesis
Dr.Vegapunk (former)
Marines (Former)
Occupations: King of Antithesis
Criminal, Scientist
Lieutenant (Former)
Alias: "Oboro" ( Oboro?)
Epithet: "Savage King" (野蛮な王 Yaban'na ō?);
Uncrowned King (無冠の王 Mukan no ō?);
Black God (黒神 Kurokami?)
Age: 24 (Debut)
Status: Alive
Birthday: August 12
Height: 182.88 cm (6'0")
Bounty: Bsymbol?00,000,000
Devil Fruit
Japanese Name: Oni Oni no Mi, Model: Kishin
English Name: Demon-Demon Fruit Kishin Model
Meaning: Demon, God
Type: Mythical Zoan

Yokaze Ryu (夜風.龍 Yokaze Ryū?) is a Former Ensign, and Current Lieutenant in the Marines. He is feared across world as The Demon God (鬼神 Kishin?) of The Marine and The White Demon (白鬼 Hakki?) of Mariejois. He was first introduced as a "Warrant Officer" (准尉 Jun'i?) sometime during the Spike Arc.

He is one of two member's that make up the Fearsome Duo known as The Twin Demons of Mariejois the other being his Partner and Best friend Marine, Lieutenant Kazama Hiroshi.

He is the Consumer of the Oni Oni no Mi, Model: Kishin One of the Twin Oni Oni no Mi Model's Discovered, Experimented and Enhanced By the leading scientist in the employment of the Marines, Dr. Vegapunk.