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Fight Prediction Created By Black Leg Sanji

first fight request guys, i did this fight once before, spent a whole day on it, but then my computer messed up on me as soon as i was about to post it so im a bit PISSED OFF!!! *smiles* so enjoy. Im going to do it quick now becuz its like 11:00 now. so Wiki Contributer bare with me.

Zoro vs Marco the Pheonix

Location:New World- Summer Island

  • Zoro:*walks on the scene and draws two of his swords*well im here like you requested.
  • Marco:and i do appreciate it.
  • Marco:I just wanted to see if you were good enough to keep Ace's little brother alive.
  • Zoro:*smirks*well whatever, lets just get this started so we continue our journey.
  • Marco:*grins*my my, by the sounds of that im being...
  • Marco:*forms his blue flame wings and flaps them to send a wive of fire at him*UNDERESTIMATED!!!
  • Zoro:*raises his left sword and swings it down*
  • Marco:*sees his flames get divided as he jumps away from the giant slash flying at him*
  • Zoro:"im" underestimating "you"?
  • Zoro:*vanishes and appears infront of him*you got it backwards.
  • Zoro:*slashes upward*Toro
  • Marco:*leans back,but has his hair cut alittle*
  • Zoro:*slashes down*Otoro
  • Marco:*is engulfed in 2 giant slashes*
  • Marco:*backflips and glares at him*
  • Zoro:crap i missed.
  • Marco:*shoulders barelly hanging on*Liar.
  • Zoro:*grins*well I meant to slice your shoulders completely off.
  • Marco:*heals completlly, besides the cut wounds still on his shoulders*We're just getting started Roronoa.
  • Marco:*Flys at him and kicks at him with his talons rapidlly*
  • Zoro:*blocks all the kicks*
  • Marco:*still attacking*too much for you Roronoa?
  • Zoro:*blocking*hmp, this is nothing compared to that damn cook's kicks.
  • Zoro:*vanishes and reappears on his right with his third sword in his mouth*
  • Zoro:*attacks him*Onigiri
  • Marco:*is cut, but the flames healed most of it*
  • Marco:*jumps up and kicks down at his head with a talon foot*
  • Zoro:*blocks it with his forearam*
  • Marco:*strains alittle*
  • Zoro:*grins*i was right, nothing compared to that damn eyebrow cook.
  • Marco:*backflips and gets into his full Pheonix form*
  • Zoro:*puts on his bandana*now things are getting interesting*
  • Zoro:Santoryu Ougi....
  • Marco:*inhales deeplly and breaths fire at him*
  • Zoro:*leaps forth*Sanzen Sekai(three thousand worlds)
  • Zoro:*collides with the flames and cuts through it*
  • Marco:*looks down at a slightly burned Zoro*what the hell?
  • Zoro:*looks up and smirks*was that it?
  • Marco:*growls alittle and flys up high*I'll end it with this.
  • Zoro:Kyutoryu:Ashura....
  • Marco:*flys down fast, resembling a blue comet*
  • Zoro:*looks up and spins swords again*Kyutoryu Ougi..
  • Marco:*almost there*The Next Attack!!!...
  • Zoro:*jumps at him*Will End It!!!!
  • Zoro:*slices*Kyuzen Sekai(nine thousand worlds)
  • Zoro/Marco:*collide and cause a huge shockwave on the island, burning and slicing the trees*

At the Thousand Sunny

  • Zoro:*walking towards the ship*yo, im done.
  • Luffy:*grins*great!!! I saw a huge explosion! Did you win?
  • Zoro:*pissed*Im here aren't I?
  • Luffy:well he could've just sparred you.
  • Zoro:TAKE THAT BACK!!!!!
  • Luffy:as your captain, I *sticks out tounge*
  • Zoro:*irritated*why you!

On the battlefield

  • Marco:*lays on the ground looking up at the sky*Damn, what kind of demon did you recruit on that ship.....
  • wide shot of the First Division commander laying on the ground, in the middle of a giant Star Shaped cut design in the ground*Strawhat?


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